What is this Cookie Couture?

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So what is this "Cookie Couture"? Why this? Why now?  First off, I apologize to the people who think I sell cookies. Honestly, I would be a little bummed myself, however I think Cookie Couture Clothing is just as sweet ;)

Cookie is my daughter's name. Nope, not a nickname. That's her real name. How did we come up with the name, Cookie? Long story short, I heard the actress, Taraji P. Henson, talking about her character, Cookie, on the show, Empire, and of course when your pregnant you start pairing every name you hear with your last name. When I said, "Cookie Kennedy" out loud, I was hooked. It may seem a little weird at first but if you ever get a chance to meet my daughter, she is definitely a Cookie. As I am writing this she is currently 18 months. She inspired me and sparked this idea to start this business. 

So my husband played in the NHL for 9 years and after he reluctantly retired, we settled in Pittsburgh, PA (where I was born and raised) and life without hockey began. With a masters degree is PR and Advertising from Duquesne University, I contemplated doing many, many things in that field. Besides doing some hosting work for our local NBC affiliate news station (WPXI), I ultimately still wanted to be my daughter's main caregiver.

The first 6 months of her life we were living in a hotel room in New Jersey. My husband was playing for the Devils and it was too late in the season to find a place to live so we decided to stay in a hotel, with a newborn, no car, and two tea cup poodles. WHAT were we THINKING??? We weren't. But hey, there was a mall across the street, we made a lot of memories, and Cookie and I became literally attached at the hip and developed a crazy bond lol. She's such a mama's girl still! No complaints though! Not really sure how I survived that hockey season but I do give thanks to my friends - Cabernet and Pinot Grigio. 

So being stuck in a hotel room while my husband was on the road, I did a lot of research on "baby". Baby toys, baby gear, baby accessories, and of course baby clothes. Now, I've always had my own style and when it came time to dress my daughter, there was literally nothing I liked that was offered in stores. I was forced to shop online and there were several brands that have always stood out to me. I suddenly started to get compliments on all of her outfits and "cookie's style" in general. Everywhere I went people were always asking me where did I get her clothes?

You see where I'm going with this?

The idea was born. What if I brought together all of the coolest, most hip brands under one umbrella? What if I could do the work for fellow, fashionable, baby shoppers and make it easier for them to find clothes by putting some of the most stylish little threads on one online shop where you're guaranteed to find really cool pieces for your kid?

I went with this. And when we finally settled back in Pittsburgh, I continued to dig deeper, and deeper, and suddenly found myself going to a children's clothing expo in New York where I ended up placing my first order on the spot. It felt right. Then things just started snowballing. 

Cookie Couture Clothing has many brands but it's really all tied in with "a look". Monochrome. Cool. Edgy. Trendy. Rockstar Style. Hip. Urban. Mostly Unisex. Adult style clothing for kids.

These clothes aren't massed produced. The material is quality. Besides carrying brands from NY and LA, I have brands from Israel, Australia, and even the Netherlands. You may even spot a celebrity kid rocking some of the brands I carry. I know Gwen Stefani's, Jennifer Lopez's, The Kardashian's, and Hilary Duff's kids are fans of a brand of mine. All of my clothes are handpicked and I would put every single piece on my own daughter or son. 

Welcome aboard to this new "entrepreneurial" adventure. I hope you enjoy shopping at www.cookiecoutureclothing.com. I would love to hear from all of you. Please be sure to follow me on Instagram and Facebook. If you purchase, please tag me in your little one's stylish outfits from Cookie Couture! Would love to see everyone rocking cool clothes!!

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