Why Bamboo?

We have several bamboo pieces in our line and some of you may be like, wait, bamboo??? 

Bamboo is designed with your littles’ comfort and play in mind. It allows them to be able to move freely, feel comfortable, and look amazing… All while being kind to our planet. Here are some of the top reasons bamboo is awesome:

It’s super soft, and I mean really really soft. It’s one of the softest fabrics on the planet. Your littles may be the ones wearing it, but you won’t want to stop holding them when they are in bamboo clothing. It is buttery soft to touch and has an amazing amount of stretch.

It’s great for sensitive skin. If your little has allergy prone skin, you will love bamboo! Natural bamboo does not cause allergic reactions and is anti-static so it sits nicely against the skin.

It doesn’t get stinky. Because bamboo is antibacterial, the bacteria that makes clothes stinky does not live well on it.

It’s moisture wicking. Bamboo absorbs moisture away from the skin, keeping your littles dryer.

It’s warm, yet breathable. Great for all temperatures because it keeps you warm in cooler months and cool in warmer months. This is because of it’s micro-gaps that help ventilate.

It’s great for the environment too. A huge consideration when selecting fabrics for HAVEN KIDS was the sustainability of the product. Bamboo is highly sustainable for a number of reasons: It is the fastest growing plant in the world; It yields the same volume as cotton using 10% of the land area; It thrives without the use of pesticides or fertilizers; Bamboo fabric is 100% biodegradable; It only requires rain water to grow, very little additional water (if at all) is needed.



Bamboo Crop Romper - Black

Bamboo Crop Romper - Stripe

Bamboo Two Tone Stripe Harem Pant

Bamboo Crop Joggers



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