Because I love Cheese Too

  So being a mom, I've become immersed in all of the great "mom" content on the web and I can't get enough. This motherhood club is a force. It speaks to me and I'm sure to all mom's out there because mom's always understand mom's! Cmon, this kind of understanding is hard to come by! I have to share this video of two hysterical mom's behind "IMOMSOHARD", Kristin Hensley and Jen Smedley. They pretty much nailed bathing suit season. Enjoy! Hilarious Moms Explain Why Bathing Suits Are Bullsh*t

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What your baby sees may surprise you…

Surround babies with black and white, and watch their eyes light up! There is more to just a “black and white” color scheme especially when it comes to babies. Sure, color contrasting clothes and designs look cool and stylish but did you know that high contrasting colors enhance a baby’s development? Research shows that the best way to stimulate baby’s vision, especially 0-4 months, is by using black and white patterns or high contrast patterns. Since black and white is 100% high contrast, it's the color combination we stand behind. Sight is one of the most underdeveloped senses when a baby is born. Their retina which allows them to see color hasn’t fully matured. Early stimulation can have profound effects on...

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What is this Cookie Couture?

Hello Everyone!  Thank you for stopping by. Welcome :) So what is this "Cookie Couture"? Why this? Why now?  First off, I apologize to the people who think I sell cookies. Honestly, I would be a little bummed myself, however I think Cookie Couture Clothing is just as sweet ;) Cookie is my daughter's name. Nope, not a nickname. That's her real name. How did we come up with the name, Cookie? Long story short, I heard the actress, Taraji P. Henson, talking about her character, Cookie, on the show, Empire, and of course when your pregnant you start pairing every name you hear with your last name. When I said, "Cookie Kennedy" out loud, I was hooked. It may...

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